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Empowering the childhood journey.

STEAM Based Hybrid Learning Center

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About us...

Together, Mrs. Brandi and Mrs. Tiffany have experience in the public school, charter school, and homeschool settings. Being able to experience all three ways of learning, together they wanted to create a different approach. Our vision is to allow a more hands-on way of learning, combining the homeschooling individualized mindset with the social aspect of a classroom setting.

Students learn through doing, asking, and creating. Our wish is that through the use of STEAM- science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics- students will have a more involved approach to their learning. We wish for students to take charge of their learning journey, finding empowerment along the way.

Journey Learning Academy

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Our STEAM project-based approach to innovative learning encourages children to discover and explore. Hands-on experiences build invaluable critical thinking and problem solving skills and creativity, all while working together and making connections with each other and the real world.

Why learn this way?

Students have a more personalized learning experience. The integration of STEAM learning leads to a more well-rounded education. The flexibility allows for a better home/work/school balance, which in turn helps foster a love of learning.

Learning can be FUN!

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What will our week look like
Monday STEAM Focused

Does anyone really like


Let's get excited about our

week of learning by

starting with STEAM


Science projects, art

creations, math games.….. oh my!

Mondays will be full of hands-on discovery learning!

Hours- 9:00 AM-1:10 PM

Tuesday Thursday Core Goal Focused Learning

These days, we will focus on our CORE subjects like reading, math, science, social studies, and writing.

Students will learn using individualized learning programs/tools, and teacher led, hands-on lessons in order to meet preset goals.

Each student receives a personalized weekly goal sheet, which they strive to meet by the end of the week.

Hours- 9:00 AM-1:10 PM

Fun Friday Elective Focused

Fun Fridays will be focused on elective skills. Examples include foreign languages, art, music, life skills, baking, cooking, gardening, survival skills, physical education, and nature studies.

Fridays are optional in-building school days if a child has met his/her goals for the week.

Hours- 9:00-1:10 PM

What is STEAM?

STEAM is a hands-on approach to teaching and learning that combines science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.


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-Students learn to ask questions and problem solve while collaborating with others.

-The STEAM approach values real-world application, builds content knowledge, and provides hands-on learning opportunities for students.

-Using this approach allows students to design and innovate, using their imagination, while empowering students.


What about grades?

-At Journey Learning, we will not give out grades for work completed. Students are so much more than grades here! The parent, student, and teacher will work together to create end of the year goals for each child. Students will strive to meet their goals throughout the year. Progress to their goals will be communicated throughout the year, as well as any adjustments that may need to be made.

What curriculum will be used?

-Each child learns differently! Because of this, we will use several different programs and resources depending on each child's needs. If we realize a certain program or method is not working for your child, we will adjust our plan.

What is my role as a parent?

-Our academy is structured like an assisted homeschool. Because we have fewer school hours and days, we must have parent support at home. This includes checking your child’s folder and work daily, helping when needed using the provided resources, and encouraging students at home. Parents, students, and teachers must all be active participants here.

Will there be field trips?

Does Journey Learning Academy provide lunch and snacks?

-Yes! We will go on several field throughout the year for students get real-life experiences. (Parent suggestions welcomed!) Parents will be responsible for providing transportation.

-Each child will be responsible for bringing their own snack and lunch, as well as a refillable water bottle.

Thank You Hand-Drawn Element

Journey Learning Academy is a non-profit learning center.

Because of this, we rely entirely on donations, fundraisers, and grants. Thank you for your contribution!

View our amazon wish list here. :-)

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